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My project 1 20 Media Release

Candidates for the 2022 Nelson City Council local election announced

12/08/2022 4:55am

A total of 42 candidates are standing for election to Nelson City Council, with seven standing...

Single Transferable Vote explained - with a comic!

27/07/2022 12:14pm

Interested in learning how Single Transferable Vote (STV) works? Read the comic to find out.

STV explained: how Nelson will vote in 2022

14/07/2022 1:41am

This year’s local elections will be decided using the single transferable vote system (STV).

civic house Media Release

Nelson’s local elections to be decided by Single Transferable Vote

13/08/2020 5:54am

Nelson City Council has voted to move to a Single Transferable Vote (STV) voting system at...