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Candidates for the 2022 Nelson City Council local election announced

12/08/2022 4:55am

A total of 42 candidates are standing for election to Nelson City Council, with seven standing...

Local Elections 2022–find your voting ward

27/07/2022 12:47pm

Not sure what ward you’re in for the upcoming local election?

Mayor's Message: 15 years as an elected member have raced by

02/06/2022 11:37am

Regardless of where you sit on the length of electoral terms, one thing I think we...

Councillor's Comment: Why on earth would anyone want to be a Nelson City Councillor?

02/06/2022 11:21am

It’s a question I often get asked, and it’s one I enjoy answering because, after almost...

Local elections 2022: get involved!

09/02/2022 12:40pm

Local government elections are happening throughout New Zealand this year, with voting opening late September and...