Nelson’s streets will soon be safer for everyone following the decision to reduce speed limits across the city.

In a Council meeting held on Thursday 12 November, Nelson City Council voted to introduce a 30 kilometres per hour speed limit on city centre roads on December 1. This would be followed by a 30km/h limit in a new Home Zone comprising of selected Nelson residential streets without footpaths on both sides, and Selwyn Place on 1 May, 2021.

Council consulted the Nelson Community on the proposal between 13 July and 14 August and received 101 submissions on the proposed change. Seventy-five of those submissions supported a reduction in the speed limit.

Recurring themes in positive submissions were that the reduced limit would encourage a greater uptake of walking and cycling, and enhance the amenity and liveability of central Nelson.

Infrastructure Chair Brian McGurk says the decision prioritises people in our transport network.

“Lowering the speed limit not only makes our streets safer, especially for children and older adults, but is an important stepping stone to a future where choosing a more active transport method is a possibility for many more people in Nelson.

“By encouraging more walking and cycling we can both improve health outcomes for Nelsonians and reduce the carbon emissions produced by cars.”

Council also supported installation of traffic calming measures on Selwyn Place that would reinforce the new speed limit. It is anticipated these will be installed in conjunction with wider city development work and once technical assessment and engagement with nearby businesses has been completed.

To see a series of maps outlining where the new speed limits will take effect visit: