Nelson City Council has plans for the construction of a new underground tank in Beach Road for Wastewater Storage during an emergency event. We wish to engage with interested parties, in particular those who live in the local Beach Road area as well as representative users of the Tahunanui Sports Fields.

This work will cause some disruption to traffic and parking on Beach Road but will not impact on the use of the sports fields. A public meeting is being held in Tahunanui on 4 November giving people an opportunity to review the proposal and ask questions.

Where: Beachside Conference and Events Centre (Tahuna Motor Camp), 70 Beach Road, Tahunanui.
When: 4 November at 5.30pm

Why is this required?

Council is investing in improved wastewater management infrastructure across the city and part of this investment is to improve the resilience of our sewer pump stations to minimise the risk of overflow from the wastewater network.

Council is proposing to build a buried storage tank in Beach Road to allow wastewater flows to be stored at the Beach Road sewer pump station in Tahunanui.

The purpose of this tank is to provide capacity to store wastewater flows in the event of a power outage, or other emergency event. The tank can also assist with buffering wet weather flows and to store as much as possible during any extreme wet weather event.

What is proposed?

A buried storage tank located underneath the parking bays or nearside traffic lane of Beach Road adjacent to the playing fields. The tank options are 1.8 metre or 2.4 metre diameter and sit horizontally below the road surface, with access lids visible at the surface. These options are shown on the plans Option 1A and Option 1B below. Aside from the additional trafficable lids in the road, there will be no other noticeable signs of the tank below the surface.

A small vertical pipe or snorkel will be connected to the tank and will be attached to the Beach Road pump station control building. The pipe will be around the same height as the control building and is required to allow air pressure to equalize between the tank and the atmosphere.

A spray/ wash-down system will be fitted inside the tank, ensuring that the tank remains free of debris and that no odours are generated.

How will this impact me?

During construction some traffic control will be needed to control the traffic past the area of work and may involve moving the traffic lanes away from the tank excavation. This may result in some minor delays to traffic movement along Beach Road. The work is expected to take around 12 weeks to complete during which time around 25 car parking slots adjacent to the playing fields will need to be taken out of use. Work will however not take place during the weekends in recognition of the Sports fields and facilities use and will be restricted to between 7am to 7pm weekdays. We will also be looking to avoid the peak of the Christmas summer holiday period for the months of December to February inclusive.

If you would like any further information about the Public Meeting, or have any general project questions or feedback, please email the NCC Project Manager Mike Booker ( or phone 03 546 0213.