Building Warrant of Fitness renewal invoicing change

21/03/2019 8:42am

Nelson City Council is making a change to the way it invoices for the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) renewal fee.

To date, Council has invoiced the month before the BWOF is due and sent the invoice along with a reminder letter.

From April 2019, payment for all BWOF renewals for the 12 months from 1 March – 28/29 February (inclusive) will
be invoiced annually in March, and due April of that year.

The BWOF renewal due date will remain the same. This is to allow the Commercial Building Assurance Team to concentrate on the core roll of ensuring Nelson buildings with Specified Systems remain safe and to provide more transparency and efficiency for our Finance team.

• If your BWOF is due in April 19 you will receive your invoice in March 2019 as usual.
• If your BWOF is due between 1 March and 29 February 2020, you will also receive your invoice in March 2019 due April 2019.
• If you were invoiced in January or February for the 2019 renewal you won’t be invoiced again in March 2019
– your next invoice will be March 2020.

Due to the quantity of payments expected, please ensure you use your ‘CS Customer Number’ as a reference when making a payment online. For any payments that incorporate multiple BWOFs, please ensure you forward a Remittance Advice which will enable our Finance team to split the payment correctly. 

The change will not negatively impact any building owner, as any fee review would not be applied until the
next annual invoice. 

The Building Quality Assurance team will continue to send reminder letters monthly at this stage but it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure the BWOF renewals are submitted before the due date. Insurance cover may be void if the building does not have a current BWOF.

If you have any questions please contact our Building Quality Assurance team by email at