Kickstart Compost Month winners

07/11/2018 2:01am

Congratulations to the winners of our Facebook page competitions during October’s Kickstart Compost Month.

Kickstart Compost Month was an excellent opportunity to make the most of Council’s $30 subsidy for compost bins, worm farms and Bokashi buckets, as the subsidy is usually $20.

Becky Webster and Laura Proctor won compost bins in our competition and are excited to get into composting this summer.

Becky’s son Riley, 10, and nephew Lochy, 9, can’t wait to get into composting.

“The boys would love to make their own compost and feed their peas,” Becky says. 

“This would be really cool for them!”

According to Laura, it will be great to stop using the garbage disposal and actually doing something environmentally friendly with her food scraps.

“It would be part of our new way of life to reduce our carbon footprint,” Laura says.

“Plus the hubby would love his new veggie garden to grow amazing, so he can win the prize for the biggest pumpkin."

Jess Sz and Lavana Ramsteijn picked up book vouchers and books for their efforts.

“I am trying to grow enough to be self-sufficient this year - and I know that compost is a brilliant way to get nutrients into the soil and keep food waste down,” Jess says.