As we head into summer, a timely reminder that it’s illegal to discharge contaminants like paint and chemicals into our stormwater drains.

There have been recent occurrences of paint being washed down stormwater drains in residential areas. 

Go to the Nelson City Council website for a handy guide that shows you how to clean up safely after painting.

The health of all our waterways – rivers and streams, as well as our harbour, the Haven and Tasman Bay – is directly impacted by stormwater and it's vital we make sure that only rain goes down the drain.

Contaminants enter our streams through the stormwater system and build up in stream beds and the sea floor, contaminating the life that lives there: whitebait, eels, shellfish, and larger fish are all impacted. 

This affects the number of fish in our harbour, the opportunity for recreational fishing and diving, as well as commercial fishing operations. 

Things that we all enjoy like swimming, surfing or just paddling around in your local stream can become hazardous to the health of you and your children because high levels of bacteria and poisons are released into our streams, lakes and rivers through contaminated stormwater.

Please remember to do your part to keep stormwater drains free of chemicals, paint and any other contaminants.