Media Release

COVID-19: Nelson City Council services at Alert Level 2

12/05/2020 4:20am

On Thursday, 14th May, New Zealand will move to COVID-Alert Level 2 after more than two...

Online-only COVID-19 edition of Our Nelson Tō Tātou Whakatū issue 94

29/04/2020 4:36pm

With New Zealand at COVID-19 Alert Level 3, the latest edition of Our Nelson Tō Tātou...

Grants available for Nelson Virtual Heritage Festival works

Events & Festivals
29/04/2020 1:45pm

Nelson City Council has introduced $500 grants to help our creative community transform their heritage festival...

Tales from the bubble

29/04/2020 1:47am

​Tell us what life has been like in your bubble.

Looking out for our older adults: Nelson City Council hits the phones

20/04/2020 10:48am

Nelson City Council staff and councillors have been assisting the Ministry of Social Development in its...

Bringing Nelson Public Libraries into your home

16/04/2020 11:58am

The doors to our three libraries might be closed during the COVID-19 shutdown, but the online...

Nelson Heritage Festival re-imagined online

Events & Festivals
15/04/2020 4:54am

The Nelson Heritage Festival has been given a 21st-century twist.

Online-only COVID-19 edition of Our Nelson Tō Tātou Whakatū issue 93

15/04/2020 3:29am

​With New Zealand still in COVID-19 Level 4 shutdown, the latest edition of Our Nelson Tō...

Being productive at home during COVID-19 shutdown

08/04/2020 2:31am

Digging in at home can turn an event like the COVID-19 shutdown into a productive experience...

Councillors Comment: Let this Covid-19 shutdown 'bring us closer together'

03/04/2020 2:52am

Fifteen years ago my father said something that I will never forget, Nelson City Councillor Matt...

Council hotlines established for urgent Nelson and Tasman welfare needs

01/04/2020 3:50pm

​Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management Group have been working with Nelson City Council and Tasman...

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Nelson City Council cancels events to slow COVID-19 spread

Events & Festivals
20/03/2020 8:33am

​Nelson City Council is cancelling Council-organised events and reviewing Council-owned facilities to minimise the risk COVID-19...