Bespoke solution: Pride bike shelters safe and inclusive

31/03/2022 5:49pm

Councillors have resolved to progress with the installation of pride decals on both the Trafalgar Street and Montgomery Square bike racks at the Infrastructure Committee meeting held on 31 March.

The decision recognises Nelson's rainbow communities, while keeping the city centre safe and accessible for people that are blind or have low vision.

Nelson Pride committee member Daniel Jackson spoke at Council's public forum in support of the bike shelter option, saying rainbow communities want a solution that works for everyone.

“Nelson Pride spoke with representatives of the blind and low vision community, and our members overwhelmingly supported a solution that recognises the rainbow community but doesn’t negatively impact on other minority groups.”

“We want this to be something that is safe and inclusive for everyone. We don’t want to exclude or create barriers for any other part of the community, especially another marginalised minority community.”

“We are excited about the bike shelters. We think they will be a visible symbol of the rainbow community in Nelson.”

Infrastructure Chair Brian McGurk says he is proud to have this recognition and celebration of our rainbow communities featured prominently in Nelson's city centre.

“The blind and low vision community raised concerns about new colours and lines on the ground where they are navigating and walking. Decals on bike shelters will be a good way of supporting the rainbow community in Nelson without impacting on blind and low vision citizens.”

Council staff and elected members consulted with key stakeholders, including representatives from queer and rainbow groups, blind and low vision citizens, the police, and city centre representatives, on the best location for visual support of the LGBTQIA+ community.
The installation of the pride decals on Trafalgar Street and Montgomery Square bike racks has an estimated cost of $8,000.