Council prepares to take over management of Nelson marina

06/06/2021 1:43am

Nelson Marina users and visitors can expect a smooth transition when Nelson City Council formally takes over management of the marina on 1 July.

In March this year Council hired a new Marina Manager, Nigel Skeggs, who has spent the past three months hiring a new marina team, drawing up a new license agreement for berth holders, and facilitating changes that will streamline payments and improve services for users.

“I am originally from Nelson and am really looking forward to transforming my hometown marina into the modern, highly functional facility that Nelson deserves,” says Nigel.

Developing a new governance model and a Master Plan for the Nelson Marina is a priority for Council during 2021. The land-based aspect of the Master Plan has been completed, with the water-space aspect now being worked on.
It is expected that both a full Master Plan and options for future governance will go out to wider consultation in the fourth quarter of 2021. The Master Plan sets out a vision for development over the next 10 years at the Marina.

Strategic Development and Property Chair Gaile Noonan says Council’s ambitious plan aims to refine and develop Nelson Marina. “We have such close links to the sea in Nelson, so it makes sense that our Marina should be a thriving place, linked to our city centre and open for business and recreation. The Master Plan will set out our vision to achieve this, and I am confident Nigel and his team can turn that vision into reality.”

In the 2021-31 Long Term Plan, due to be adopted on 1 July, Council approved moving forward $800,000 from years seven and eight for hardstand improvements to year one, to address health, safety and security projects prior to the Marina Master Plan consultation.

Once Council assumes responsibility for marina management on 1 July, there will be some changes to the way the Marina is operated. Berth holders will need to sign a new license agreement if they wish to stay at the Marina. The new license will require berth holders to pay by monthly direct debit, and a condition of being able to sign the license will be that all debts are cleared on a berth holders account.

“There’s been a bit of an issue with non-payment over the past few years,” says Nigel.
“For various reasons, a small number of berth holders have fallen behind with payments, and this impacts our ability to make improvements at the Marina that will benefit everyone. I have chatted with some people already, and it seems that there are some cases where people are unaware they are in arrears. We will make it easier for people to pay, and I encourage anyone who owes money to come and speak with us. At the end of the day, it’s important that everyone at the Marina pays their fair share.”

A new marina software package, Pacsoft, will help streamline planning, management, bookings, communications and billing information. The software is used extensively by marinas throughout New Zealand and will simplify a lot of the day-to-day administration work at the Marina.

From 1 July, all Nelson Marina fees and charges will be increased by the Consumer Price Index. This change has been approved by Council.  The CPI increase has been calculated at 1.7%.

During the second half of 2021, management will do a comprehensive study of all marina fees and charges, ensuring that we have a transparent, fair and equitable charging system that all Marina users can buy into and understand. More information on this will be released in the coming months.