Getting Nelson ready for our summer visitors

29/11/2019 4:14am

Council will continue to provide core services for all visitors to our city this summer supported in part by a funding grant from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This will help ensure that everyone feels welcome but also adheres to our city’s rules and expectations around camping, parking, litter and respect for our environment.

Plans to create a temporary daytime facility for freedom campers have been explored in an effort to identify a suitable location that residents are in favour of. The purpose of the temporary daytime facility component of the MBIE funding was to provide basic amenities such as toilets, litter bins, access to information about local businesses and attractions, and also staff to direct visitors to appropriate overnight accommodation options.

Council has explored options for a daytime facility, and as part of this has consulted with a number of residents and stakeholders. Following feedback, options for a temporary daytime facility at Tahunanui have been ruled out. Council will keep an open mind about other opportunities, however our focus for the time being is on utilising the MBIE funding for other initiatives, such as education, monitoring, litter and safety.