Nelson City Council contractors will be carrying out work on the iconic Haulashore Island Motu Mānuka Jetty to reinforce the structure and minimise further deterioration.

Group Manager Community Services Roger Ball said although the Motu Mānuka Jetty is structurally unsafe and closed for use to both people and boats, past community feedback had shown it is valued for its use as an access point onto Haulashore Island, and as a historic part of Nelson’s scenic landscape.

In December 2018, Council decided maintenance work should be carried out on the structure to allow it to be retained for landscape purposes.

This work will begin on Monday 19 October, when the tides and conditions are best suited for access. The work will cost $15,000 and is expected to take five days.

Workloads have meant there has been some delay in carrying out this maintenance while other works, such as the viewing platform at Paddys Knob which is open to the public, were prioritised.

The aim of this basic maintenance is to keep the structure safe from failure and minimise further deterioration. Even after the work has been carried out, the jetty will not be useable.  

Council has yet to make a decision on the long-term future of the jetty and a community consultation process will take place before any outcomes are decided.

Councillor and Sports and Recreations Committee Chair Tim Skinner said Motu Mānuka Jetty was special to many Nelsonians.

“Looking out over Haulashore Island wouldn’t be quite the same without the jetty. This work will ensure that view remains unchanged until it comes back to the Council table.

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