It’s that time of the year again, and the results are in for Nelson’s Annual Residents’ Survey.

While there were increases and dips throughout the surveyed categories compared to previous years, overall there was a positive trend towards Council meeting residents’ expectations.

The Annual Residents’ Survey provides the community with an opportunity to let Council know their thoughts about facilities and services, and whether Council activities and initiatives have helped to make Nelson a better place to live and work.
Council uses the results from the survey to inform our planning, as well as reporting on targets set for the service levels.
The survey showed that Nelson remains above the national average for people taking active modes of transport to work (increase to 19% from 14% last year), and there was an increase in satisfaction with public transport (47% up from 42% last year).

This is a trend Council hopes to continue with the recent introduction of WiFi on buses and the introduction of electronic ticketing in this coming financial year.

Nelson residents were also more satisfied with the opportunities to provide feedback to Council than last year, increasing from 36% of residents very satisfied or satisfied in 2017/18, up to 44% in 2018/19.
Dips in results included attendance at festival events due to clashes with other events and a drop in residents who used or visited the Nelson Public Libraries (from 67% in 2017/18 to 62% in 2018/19).

This statistic reinforces Council’s desire to proceed with the Elma Turner Library Redevelopment Project, to meet the needs of the Nelson public.
“Overall respondents were very positive towards the library, although the physical environment of Elma Turner Library has been a discussion point for some time and is being addressed by the redevelopment of the Library,” Chief Executive Pat Dougherty says.
“Community input on what the library should provide is currently underway.”
“We really appreciate the public providing us with their feedback through the residents’ survey. It provides a snapshot in time that we can use to help shape and grow our Smart Little City so that residents’ needs are met.”
Market research company National Research Bureau Ltd interviewed a random sample of 402 residents by phone and conducted 40 face-to-face interviews. 
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