Work to develop a new strategy for Nelson’s ageing population was launched on Monday 22 July.

Chair of the Steering Group, Paul Steere, called the ageing trend, the most significant social change the Nelson community had ever had to deal with. 

The impact would be huge and there was almost no area that wouldn’t be affected – transport, housing, health, finances.

“The fact that we are living longer is a wonderful achievement. But unless we prepare our community for these changes many will struggle and find the extra years not a gift but a burden.”

“A better city for our older residents is a better city for everyone.  So we are calling the strategy Nelson: City For All Ages.”

The Mayor, Rachel Reese, spoke at the launch and thanked the Steering Group for stepping up to lead the strategy development. 

She said this was one issue that the Council strongly felt needed to be driven by the community.

“The strategy provides a tremendous opportunity. We can harness the wisdom and experience of our older residents in a way that benefits the whole community.

I believe the strategy will provide a roadmap for how Nelson can best navigate this significant change.”

The Steering Group will be working with agencies, groups and organisations later this year and consultation with the wider community is planned for 2020.
Anyone wishing to take part in the project or share ideas about ageing in Nelson can get in touch by emailing or visiting