Unless significant rain falls in the next two weeks, Nelson City Council is likely to introduce rural water restrictions for properties that take water directly from a river or stream.

Council monitoring has shown that, despite recent rain, the water levels in many rivers and streams in the Nelson City Council area are currently very low.

Without further significant and sustained rain, river levels could reach “Trigger Flows” (the low river flow levels that trigger rural water restrictions) within the next two weeks.

If rural water restrictions are imposed, residents may be asked to only use water for the following purposes:

•      Domestic use
•      Drinking water for animals;
•      Firefighting as required.
Restrictions may also apply to crop and garden irrigation.

This will only affect residents who take water directly from a river/stream or a well i.e. properties that do not get a water bill from Council.

Residents who rely on rainwater collection or other supply will not be affected.  

Residents who have a resource consent to take water are reminded to ensure they comply with their consent conditions, especially during water restrictions.

Council will continue monitoring river levels over the coming weeks.

To find out how to save water in the home and garden, visit nelson.govt.nz/water-conservation, and for information to help rural water users through dry or drought periods, visit nelson.govt.nz/rural-water-users.