At the Annual Plan deliberations meeting on Friday 7 June, Council made the decision that allows it to consider future divestment of its community housing portfolio.

The divestment of the community housing portfolio is conditional on a sale and purchase agreement/s that provides an appropriate level of protection for both tenant wellbeing and ratepayer interests. The next step is for Council to work with interested parties.

There will be no sudden changes for tenants, and should the housing get a new owner, the transition process will be carefully managed.
Mayor Rachel Reese reiterated that tenants’ wellbeing was a top priority. “We received many very thoughtful submissions from tenants, and we understand their concerns.

"I can reassure tenants that their wellbeing will be at the centre of our discussion with interested parties. We will be keeping tenants informed throughout the process.

"Demand for subsidised housing to support people on low incomes or with particular needs is continuing to outstrip supply. Waitlists for Council’s community housing have hit all-time highs, and we simply do not have the tools to grow our stock. This decision will hopefully enable that growth of the supply, so more of our community can access these services.

“This is a significant step for Council, and we believe it is a forward-looking decision for the city and both current and future tenants”