Thefts and vandalism at Nelson's public parks

23/01/2020 4:29am

A series of thefts and vandalism has resulted in the loss of new park furniture and damage to a historic Nelson statue.

On the weekend starting 18 January, three macrocarpa bench seats donated by Nelson’s Youth Council were stolen from Sunday Hole. This followed a similar theft in December, when a new macrocarpa bench at the Tahuna Beach foreshore reserve was ground off at the base.

Earlier in the month, the statue on top of the Priapos Fountain in Queens Gardens, which was undergoing restoration work at the time, was kicked at the base leaving a large crack.

Sport and Recreation Committee chair Councillor Tim Skinner said the incidents were extremely frustrating for council staff who had a duty to protect assets paid for with ratepayer money.

“So many of the things that make Nelson a great place to live are funded through the money we pay as ratepayers. Everyone who goes for a walk in one of our public parks benefits from the work done to make them a welcoming and relaxing place to visit.

“That’s why thefts and vandalism like this are detrimental to all Nelsonians.”

Council has reported each of the incidences to police and asks that members of the public with any relevant information call the police non-emergency contact number on 105 to make a report.