The cheapest time to buy your firewood for next winter is NOW!

And to make it even more of a good deal, Council and selected Good Wood suppliers are offering a limited number of firewood discounts to Nelson residents who buy their wood in November and December. 

The promotion runs until 20 December 2019, or until fully allocated, whichever comes first.

The promotion is for Nelson City Council residents and is a $25 discount off the price of one load of firewood per household. Minimum load size 3m3 to qualify for a discount.

Good Wood suppliers are committed to supply to the public either:

  • Dry, seasoned firewood, suitable for immediate use.  This is wood that has a moisture content of less than 25% dry weight. This wood can be stored away immediately.


  • Green (unseasoned) firewood delivered sufficiently far in advance of winter so that, if properly stored by the user, the wood will be seasoned for use the following winter. You will need to allow this wood to season (dry) before storing away.

When discussing your firewood requirements with your Good Wood supplier make it clear whether you are happy to receive green wood to dry over summer, or if you are planning to store it away immediately that you require dry wood.

The Good Wood suppliers taking part are:

  • Bay Firewood                   (03) 525 9560 or 027 769 6348 
  • Buyright Firewood            021 127 8957
  • Quality Firewood              027 449 0622
  • Richmond Wood and Coal  (03) 544 6473
  • Wholesale Firewood          (03) 546 9595 or 027 922 9611

Some Good Wood suppliers are also offering buy now pay later terms, ask your Good Wood supplier for details.