Everyone should be able to get around our city safely and efficiently, but we know this isn’t always the case right now.

The future of our city’s transport network has been a significant focus for the last three years, and as Deputy Chair of our Infrastructure Committee I’ve had the privilege of being deeply involved in these discussions. With more people coming to our city, a need to reduce emissions, and a desire to make our city better for its residents, we know we need to change. So now we’re looking for your input on E Tū Whakatū – Nelson’s Active Transport Strategy.

E Tū Whakatū lays the groundwork for letting people access our city by foot, bike or other forms of active transport safely. We’re setting ambitious targets, like doubling the proportion of people walking and cycling to school and work by 2035, and proposing some significant changes to get there, like reducing speed limits to 30km/h where active transport users must share or cross our roads without protection, and finally linking up and connecting our network of cycle lanes and shared paths.

This is a strategy for all Nelsonians, so please have your say on our transport future.

Councillor Rohan O’Neill-Stevens