Enjoy a free healthy snack while exploring our many reserves

26/01/2022 3:36am

Fruit is ripening at many of the open orchards found throughout the city.

First planted by Nelson City Council over 25 years ago, these open orchards provide a variety of fruit, nuts and herbs for the community to harvest and enjoy throughout the year. Trees and plants bearing apples, feijoas, figs, hazelnuts, olives, pears, persimmons, plums, walnuts and rosemary, can all be found at many reserves.

Council maintains a list of these open orchards on its website, including recommended Edible Walks with maps, best times to harvest, and a bit of cultural history.

For plum, pear, apple and apricot fans, now is the time to enjoy one of these walks and a snack along the way.

Please remember, the food is there to share, so just take ripe fruit and be sure to leave enough for others to enjoy, too.
For further details, go to http://www.nelson.govt.nz/edible-walks/