The Freedom Camping Bylaw that Council adopted in 2017 remains unchanged so the same rules will apply for the 2018/19 summer camping season.

Here are the key things to remember and share with any family or friends who are headed this way on a campervan holiday.

Certified self-contained vehicles
For certified self-contained vehicles (CSC), some restrictions are in place in certain areas that control the numbers of vehicles and the areas where they can park, including parks and the central city area. The areas where the vehicle can park for the night will be marked out with blue lines and sign posted in the main parking squares. The spaces will be filled on a first come – first served basis. Details and maps are available here on the website.
Freedom Camping is not permitted in other parks and reserves except within an official campground.

Non-self-contained vehicles
Camping in non-self-contained vehicles (no self-containment warrant) or tents is not permitted on any Council administered land within the Nelson region apart from within an official campground or with a private accommodation provider.
It is worth noting that Nelson City Council actively enforces the rules around Freedom Camping within the Nelson area. Any breach of the rules you can result in a $200 fine.

Please note: All Nelson camping accommodation is likely to be booked out around 3 – 5 January 2019 for the Bay Dreams South festival. If you don’t already have accommodation booked, please consider scheduling your visit before or after this busy time.
Get all the details about Freedom Camping in our beautiful city here.You can also read the Bylaw in full here.