Help our birds with a Nelson Nature subsidised predator trap

08/09/2020 1:45am

Nelson City Council’s biodiversity programme, Nelson Nature, is offering subsidised pest traps for sale at Nelson iSite’s Department of Conservation desk.

The trap project is part of Nelson Nature’s work to reduce pests and protect native wildlife in the Nelson Halo, an area outside the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.

The traps, which can be used to control predatory pests like rats, stoats and possums, have been mainly built for Nelson Nature by the Menzshed. They can be used for backyard trapping in and around Nelson to help reduce the numbers of pests in the Nelson Halo and provide our native birds with safe areas to fly, feed and nest. 

“As we come into spring our native birds will be nesting and feeding their young,” says Clare Barton, Group Manager Environmental Management.  “Backyard trapping can help widen the areas that are safe for our birds by reducing the numbers of pests threatening them. Native nestlings are very vulnerable to rats, stoats and possums, so anything we can do to protect them is worthwhile.”

Tunnel traps for rats are $15; DOC200 traps in tunnels are $60 and Possum traps are $30. Traps are limited to one of each type per household, and will be on sale at the iSite from 16 September until all sold out.

Traps come with instructions and links to further information online. You can also download the Nelson Halo Predator Trapping Guide from Nelson City Council’s website.