Media Club puts Pop-up Park through its paces

15/10/2020 11:43am

The Nelson Public Libraries Media Club took a trip to the pop-up park on Halifax Street recently.
They caught up with Our Nelson to talk about their experience.

Our Nelson: What did you think of the pop-up park?

  • “We’re turning into three year olds again, it’s so fun!” – Lucy
  • “Better than expected” – Sam
  • “It’s so colourful” – Sam
  • “It’s beautiful” – Mia
  • “I’m Queen of the Playground” - Isla (when assembling a throne out of the blocks)
  • “We don’t want to leave” – Claudia

Our Nelson: Is there anything else you would like to see at the pop-up park?:
While the media club enjoyed their outing, they also had some other suggestions for making the area even better.

  • An ice cream cart
  • Two basketball hoops
  • Shade sails
  • Need more blue blocks
  • We want a cosy corner or a container with comfy seats, books and little lights in it
  • Mum wants a coffee cart
  • What about climbing equipment (like a rock climbing wall)

Our Nelson: Overall, how did you rate the pop-up park?

  • Five out of five stars