Nelson Youth Council update: the value of youth voice

29/05/2018 3:40pm

The Nelson Youth Council believes in the value of youth voice within council and has therefore been committed to presenting this voice for consideration in the development of the draft Nelson City Long Term Plan.

One of the key topics within the LTP, we see as important to local youth, is the proposed development of a Youth Park in Stoke. 

A recent survey of more than 20 per cent of Nelson youth showed a majority supported this proposed initiative. The intent is to provide a ‘hub’ for youth in Stoke, thus giving young people a place to go and creating a community space. 

We believe a development within Stoke will give youth a feeling of safety and community belonging, whilst reducing some current stigma of young people within the area and Nelson as a whole. 

We understand that youth require a sense of safety and support in order to thrive and positively contribute to the community. Therefore, the Nelson Youth Council sees clear value in the Council’s “spotlight” on Stoke and its expansion, and believes this youth focused development will improve the area now and in the future.

By Alex Hunter