The severe August weather caused more than 200 slips on Council reserves, requiring a full closure of all landscape and conservation reserves until the extent of damage could be assessed.

Over the following days, weeks, and months, individual trails (and in time full reserves) were reopened as geotechnical engineer reporting was completed, contractor availability secured, and in some cases, specialist materials sourced. 

Now, six months on, around 98% of Council’s tracks network is open, including all but two mountain bike trails in the Codgers area. Trails yet to be attended to are currently being assessed. 

Parks and reserves – reopened

  • Grampians Reserve
  • Botanical Hill Reserve (including Centre of NZ)
  • Sir Stanley Whitehead Reserve
  • Tantragee Reserve (Codgers)
  • Atmore Reserve
  • Titoki Reserve
  • Pipers Reserve
  • Maitai River Esplanade
  • Brook Conservation Reserve
  • Maitai Water Reserve
  • Marsden Valley Reserve
  • Roding Water Reserve
  • Corder Park
  • Moana Reserve 
  • Moncrieff Reserve

Individual tracks / walkways reopened

Nelson has over 150 tracks and walkways threaded across our main reserve areas and many more throughout our smaller neighbourhood parks.

The following are highlights of some of our most popular tracks that were damaged but are now reopened.

  • Codgers trails – Jacks Track, Firball, P51, Tasman Journeys
  • Centre of New Zealand
  • Sir Stanley Whitehead Walkway
  • Collingwood Zig Zag
  • Grampians Summit Rd
  • Coppermine Trail (two sections still require work)
  • Tawa and Ronaki* tracks (Ronaki track expected to reopen Friday afternoon)
  • Pipers zig zag
  • Titoki Loop
  • Fringed Downhill
  • Te Ara Koa
  • Black Diamond
  • Glider Road
  • Involution
  • Barnicoat Walkway
  • Maungatapu Track (to walkers and mountain bikers only)
  • Maitai River Walkway, upstream from Domett Street Bridge
  • Commodore-Zeehaen Walkway
  • Maire-Zeehaen Walkway
  • Rocks-Malcolm Walkway
  • Tamaki St Walkway
  • Tamaki-Princes Walkway
  • Atawhai-Iwa Walkway
  • Days Track (the section between Grenville Tce and Moana remains closed)
  • Manuka Street Walkway

Cemeteries reopened

  • Hallowell Cemetery

Playgrounds reopened

  • Corder Park
  • Frenchay Reserve
  • Plumtree Lane (Poorman Stream Esplanade in Marsden Valley)
  • Riverside Reserve
  • Waahi Taakaro (Sunday Hole)

Golf course reopened

  • Waahi Taakaro golf course