We're continuing our celebration of Parks Week by acknowledging the months of hard work put in by staff and contractors to restore access to the tracks and reserves that were damaged by the severe weather in August.

Alongside the recovery work to repair and restore our parks and reserves, business as usual work continued.  

Te Pā Harakeke opened Saturday 26 November 2022, three months on from the August severe weather. 

The new park features natural play equipment, including a rope climbing course, 'floor is lava' trail, hammocks, a teepee, and a bird-watching hut. 

It's also a great place for nature enthusiasts. The park is situated in a unique estuarine environment that changes in appearance according to the tides. At high tide, shallow pools of brackish water fill the lower parts of the park. At low tide, the water draws back, and the sandy estuary bed can be explored.