Now that supermarket plastic bags are a thing of the past, we’re encouraging people to use alternative bin liners. Whilst you can still buy plastic bin liners, it’s better for the environment to find a more environmentally friendly option, as these bags tear easily and get blown around at the dump site.

Here are some ways you can avoid using plastic in your bins. 

  • Reduce your waste by composting and sorting your recycling carefully -Council has a $20 voucher towards the cost of a compost bin or bokashi system. ( Use a bench top or under-bench compost caddy to collect food waste and empty it regularly
  • Go bag free completely and just wipe or rinse out your bin (once the water restrictions are over). Re-use any rinse water on the garden as it will have some goodness in it.
  • Make your own bin liner out of old newspapers. You can use the origami method of paper folding or use a glue stick or a stapler. This makes for a great rainy-day project for children or could be a fun activity for school classes, libraries, afterschool programs etc. There are lots of good resources online – just search for ‘paper bin liner’ to get you started!