A new invasive pest vine, blue passion flower (Passiflora caerulea), has been discovered in the Nelson region. ​This pest plant is not yet widely spread in Nelson, and we want to keep it that way.

Council has already been in touch about this weed via letter with residents in the few blocks around Hampden Terrace. 

Biosecurity officers would like your help with identifying other locations this weed may be present in Nelson and would like to hear from anyone who sees it either on private property or in the reserves.

Sightings can be reported by emailing biosecurity@ncc.govt.nz or phoning 03 546 0200. It can also be reported through the Antenno app nelson.govt.nz/antenno 

Blue passion flower is a vigorous, high-climbing vine native to South America that has the potential to invade and smother our forest canopy, preventing the establishment of new native plant seedlings, as well as invading streamsides, coastlines and cliffsides.

It grows quickly, and will become a nuisance weed in home gardens, growing readily from where its stems touch the ground, forming roots and new plants.

The distinctive 6-9cm flowers are similar to black passionfruit, but the leaves are distinctively five-lobed. It develops small, round, yellow-orange fruit, which contain small amounts of pulp that is inedible to humans, and silver-brown seeds that are spread easily by birds and possums. 

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