Pushing play on the Stoke Youth Park

05/03/2021 4:20pm

Construction of the new Stoke Youth Park will begin before the end of the financial year in its new confirmed site next to the Stoke Memorial Hall.

A detailed design for the new park is underway now after Council confirmed the site and timing for the new park in a Community and Recreation Committee meeting on Thursday 4 March.

The design, along with plans for replacement car parking and any other safety concerns that may arise, will be reported back to a future Community and Recreation Committee meeting.
A youth park for the Stoke community has long been considered by Council. Community consultation has been carried out numerous times for more than a decade, and the desire for a youth facility shone through, Community and Recreation Committee Chair Councillor Tim Skinner says.

“This has been a long time in development and involved a lot of time and effort from Council and the community to make this happen.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the design for the park and getting on with breaking ground for the youth of Stoke.”

Funding of $610,000 has been set aside for the design and construction of the youth park in the Long Term Plan 2018-28. Final costs will not be known until a detailed design process has been carried out.