Recycled art adorns Nelson Marina recycling hubs

06/08/2021 11:34am

​Sheets of steel that started life in a factory before becoming an easily recognisable artwork at Nelson Airport, have been repurposed again, this time on the walls of three recycling hubs at Nelson Marina.

Darryl Frost’s Rivers of the Region originally surrounded the airport’s cafe garden before the upgrade to the building meant there was no longer room for it or many other steel sculptures that had been displayed there.

The artworks were divided evenly between Nelson and Tasman District Councils, and now, part of those works have a new lease on life.

Darryl has reworked his Rivers piece, as well as the artwork of fellow artist Kathryn Furniss with her permission, into a series of new pieces in celebration of the marina’s new recycling hubs.

“It’s been an interesting challenge, but I think where it [the sculpture] has ended up is really cool.”

The works’ new home was a continuation of the original piece’s river theme, and that the recycled work now adorns a recycling hub was entirely apt, he said.

The new work is called Rivers meet the sea.

“It’s been a journey, but it’s really great to have it recycled again.”

Nelson Marina Manager Nigel Skeggs said the new recycling hubs, containing multiple bins for general waste, glass recycling and mixed recycling, were first introduced in September last year and had been successfully diverting waste from landfill ever since.

“The new artwork is a clever extension of the recycling theme, not to mention it also looks great. Our recycling hubs have been very popular with berth holders and has cut our waste removal costs considerably.”