The new year kicked off with another milestone for the project, completing the asphalt re-surfacing for the main
carriageway along Waimea Road and Rutherford Street.

In the coming weeks, you may notice the site is a lot smaller compared to the size of the site last year. Council’s contractors are making great progress, but there are still a few tasks left before the project is finished.

One task is reinstating the pedestrian refuge immediately in front of Nelson College for Girls, as well as the other traffic islands along Rutherford Street. The new refuge will be an improvement on the old version as it will be built to modern safety standards.

The watermain and sewer works are currently being completed outside Rutherford Street Kindergarten. Once these are complete, the traffic Island at the bottom of Bronte Street will also be constructed.

At the intersection of Van Diemen Street and Rutherford Street, we are completing some minor works, including widening the road to improve safety and upgrading the stormwater network. The traffic islands, linemarking and signs at this intersection will also be put back in place before the road is fully reopened.

The temporary roundabouts, including signs and road markings, will also be removed.

Work is on track, and we are scheduled to finish up before the end of February – weather dependent – well ahead of the original programme!

We would like to thank all residents, businesses and the general public for their cooperation during the project.