Taonga Tuku Iho: protection of treasures handed down from our ancestors

07/09/2022 1:46am

A draft strategy that updates Nelson Whakatū’s approach to preserving our heritage and collective identity is now open for public feedback.

The draft Taonga Tuku Iho, Heritage Strategy 2022-2032 (the Strategy) takes the place of the 2007 Heritage Strategy and was approved for public feedback by the Council’s Community and Recreation committee on Thursday.   

Chair of the Community and Recreation Committee Tim Skinner says the Strategy plays an important role in protecting more aspects of our diverse heritage. 

“The word ‘heritage’ typically makes people think of buildings and artefacts, but this strategy expands that understanding to include the non-physical parts of culture, like stories, language, and traditions, that are also an important part of Nelson’s history,” says Councilor Skinner. 

“The name Taonga Tuku Iho was gifted by iwi to reflect the wider purpose of this strategy. We have been talking to Te Tauihu iwi, heritage groups, and community partners as part of the development of this draft strategy. A key outcome we’ll be seeking is for all of us to work together in the protection and management of taonga in Whakatū.” 

“I look forward to hearing from the public about what they think of the Strategy. We hope it may provide a framework to enhance the cultural wellbeing and sense of identity for our community and all the diverse ethnic groups who have settled here over generations,” says Skinner.  

Feedback closes on Friday 9 September 2022. To read more and have your say visit www.shape.nelson.govt.nz.

What’s in Taonga Tuku Iho, Heritage Strategy 2022-2032? 

The name Taonga Tuku Iho translates to: caring for and nurturing the treasure handed down from our ancestors. This name reflects the need to include both tangible and intangible taonga (such as stories, language, and art) in what was previously called a ‘heritage strategy’.   

The Strategy has five Pou Kōrero/principal outcomes: 

  • Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship) – as kaitiaki, we have a responsibility to advance the protection and care of our taonga. 
  • Mana Motuhake (Uniqueness) – recognises that every community has a unique heritage, tikanga (customs) and reo (language), and we support opportunities to celebrate these. 
  • Te Taiao (The natural world) – working together to protect and improve our natural and built environment. 
  • Whanaungatanga (Community relationships) – recognises the whole community has a role to play in actively preserving our taonga. 
  • Rangatiratanga (Leadership) – recognises our collective duty of care for taonga tuku iho and develop opportunities for the community to learn and teach. 

A steering group made up of iwi, key heritage organisations, heritage professionals, and Council staff will be set up to oversee the development of an Action Plan, and implementation of the strategy. The steering group will agree an action plan with outcomes for each of the Pou Kōrero.  These actions will be reviewed annually and will be led by various community organisations in Whakatū Nelson.