The skate park fondly called ‘Old Lumpy’ near the Trafalgar Centre was given a much-needed makeover recently.

Last year we held a competition for designs from young people to paint on the skate park and with so many creative designs we chose three to decorate the park. We didn’t expect much public interest in the project, but we were proved wrong. 

The public showed a great interest in the skate park, some people saying how they walked past there every day, how their kids played there, and even calling for the park to be resurfaced.
In the end the skate park was painted with ‘street style’ graffiti with the words ‘Old Lumpy’ in the middle and the surrounds have been adorned with emoji. 

The final element will be a rainbow design that will be painted in the bowl once the weather warms up. A sign with information about the project, the Nelson Youth Council and the skate park will be installed.
What was most interesting, and most heartening about the project was the response seen from the public. This project has shown that Nelsonians and the young people of Nelson care about the city they live in and the spaces they use. 

It’s important that we take notice, and take part in shaping our city to foster a sense of belonging, which is what painting Old Lumpy was all about.

  By Jenna Stallard