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Local elections are changing in Nelson – have your say!

14/08/2021 12:31pm

The way Nelson elects councillors will change for the 2022 local elections, after Nelson City Council...

Mayor's Message: Nelsonians get chance to have their say on how they are represented

29/06/2021 12:53pm

Every six years, local authorities are required to review their representation arrangements writes Nelson Mayor Rachel...

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Nelson’s local elections to be decided by Single Transferable Vote

13/08/2020 5:54am

Nelson City Council has voted to move to a Single Transferable Vote (STV) voting system at...

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Final result - Nelson City Council Local Elections 2019

Events & Festivals
17/10/2019 12:37pm

The final result of the Nelson City Council elections held on Saturday 12 October is as...

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Progress Result - Nelson City Council 2019 Triennial Elections

12/10/2019 2:07pm

The progress result for the Nelson City Council elections held on Saturday 12th October is as...

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Voting opens for 2019 Local Elections – Nga Pōti

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18/09/2019 3:52am

Get your votes in early for the 2019 Local Elections to have your say.

Have you enrolled for the 2019 Local Elections – Nga Pōti?

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20/08/2019 10:18am

You can make a real difference to our Smart Little City in 2019, it's as easy...

Pre election report for Our Nelson Media Release

Have you read Nelson's 2019 pre-election report?

Events & Festivals
09/08/2019 4:28am

With nominations for Council closing on Friday 16 August and voting opening on 20 September, Nelson...

Local Elections 2019 - Candidate Information Evening

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24/07/2019 3:59am

Do you want to know more about standing in the 2019 Local Elections? ​

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Will you represent your community by standing in the 2019 Local Elections?

19/07/2019 9:34am

Nominations are now open for this year’s local elections.

Make a difference by voting and standing in Local Elections 2019 – Nga Poti 2019

Events & Festivals
26/06/2019 9:09am

Did you know that in 2019 you can make a real difference to our Smart Little...