Development Contributions Policy review

05/08/2020 12:02pm

If you are thinking of subdividing, building, connecting to Nelson City Council’s services or otherwise undertaking development within the city, Council would like to hear from you.

Council’s Development Contributions Policy is up for review and Council is seeking feedback from both developers and the wider public, on how to make the policy as fair and easy to understand and apply, as possible.

Group Manager Environmental Management Clare Barton said Nelson was growing rapidly and growth-related infrastructure comes at a cost.

"The contributions policy helps ensure those developing properties pay their share toward the extra costs that come with the increase in demand."

Since the policy’s 2018 review, Council has identified three potential areas requiring review; the reserves development contributions, the overall complexity of the policy and the policy exemptions.

Council would also like to hear the community’s views on what should be changed, Ms Barton says.

The amount of development contribution required for a project is calculated depending on the value and size of the land, as well as the type of development and its service connection requirements.

The types of developments that are assessed for development contributions include new subdivisions, new house builds, new office and retail spaces, commercial buildings, new apartments in existing buildings and additions to existing buildings.

Council’s current development contribution policy is available here, and includes a development contributions calculator for simple residential developments.  

The survey opens on Shape Nelson on 5 August 2020 and closes on 2 September 2020.