Council is working on ways to prepare for the impacts of climate change that may affect our region. One of the likely impacts is an increase in the frequency and magnitude of coastal hazards - erosion, flooding and storm surges - which could affect our coastal lands and properties.

To make sure we are prepared for any of these impacts, we're developing a strategy on coastal hazards to help us develop resilience within our community and to help us manage these events proactively. But we need your help.

To help us write the strategy we are asking you to give us feedback on what you know about how the coast has changed over your lifetime, what major events you remember and what you know and value about our coastal features.

We’re interested in stories, newspaper clippings, family photos and videos, diaries and any other information you may have.

This information will be used to help us build a full picture of what’s been happening on Nelson’s coastline, and will be very useful as we plan for the future.

Coastal Hazards Strategy
Some of Nelson’s urban development is situated along Whakatū Nelson’s coastline, including near estuaries and other low lying coastal areas.

We’ve already experienced the impact of storms, erosion, and flooding in our coastal areas with two major weather events in 2018.

Climate change has the potential to increase the size and impact of these types of natural events, and may affect where and how our city develops, and how we can use the land.

How should we (Council and the community) respond or adapt to these changes? 

The first round of consultation will run from (dates). There will be further opportunities to have your say but this round will set the scene for how the strategy develops.

As part of this consultation we’ll be running community information sessions, workshops and will be publishing material on our Facebook page and website.

To find out more and have your say, visit