Nelson City Council has taken a step towards modernising parking meters.

In line with the Smart Little City vision, the new meters will be a great advance on what we currently use. They will allow for payment by credit/debit cards, a smartphone app while still retaining the option of paying with coins for those who wish.  

Council has today decided to opt for “Pay By Plate” technology with the new meters. It is already working successfully in many other cities around New Zealand and offers great flexibility for users.

The system requires drivers to enter their vehicle registration plate number at the parking meter and pay for the parking time they need, using the payment method they prefer. The smart system will know the driver has paid for a set amount of time, even if they move carparks within the city zone. As long as they don’t outstay the maximum parking time allowed, users can extend their paid parking period remotely via the Parking App.

Going “ticketless” means there will no longer be a need to print or display a paper ticket on your car. This is in line with Council and the community's commitment to waste reduction. 

The updated technology will require a wording change in the Parking Bylaw. Feedback on that change will be gained through a consultation process starting in September. To keep the project rolling, Council will be tendering the installation project at the same time.

Mayor Rachel Reese says “The current parking meter technology is now outdated and proves frustrating for many people. The Pay By Plate option chosen is flexible for the users, it cuts out waste from paper tickets, and it’s already working well in other centres so we hope it will be welcomed in Nelson."

Those who like to spend time shopping, dining and enjoying our city will be pleased to hear that one hour of free parking per day will remain available when the new meters are installed.

It is anticipated that installation will begin by June 2020.