Council launches trial online newsletter - 'Rethink Waste'

14/10/2020 3:12am

Rethinking waste is all about seeing the opportunities as well as the challenges presented by waste - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all.

For this reason we are launching a Rethink Waste online newsletter. We will be sharing stories, information and ideas every few weeks, and you have the opportunity to subscribe so future issues come directly to your inbox.

We know reducing waste to landfill takes buy-in from everyone, not just Council, and through Council’s new 'Rethink Waste' engagement programme, we aim to encourage more community collaboration, as well as share ideas and knowledge.

To help us all work out what matters, there will also be regular polls on Shape Nelson to gather ideas and feedback on how we can all work together to reduce waste.

Take part in the first poll and/or subscribe to the first newsletter at

We are always interested to hear your ideas – if you have anything you wish to share please email