One of the great ways you can reduce your rubbish footprint is by composting your kitchen and garden waste.

Keen composters also get the benefit of a productive garden – vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals all thrive on well-made compost.

Having a productive garden hinges on healthy soil, good gardening practices and a little bit of know-how. So we’ve prepared a handy Grow It Guide, available for download at

The guide has been put together by local gardening experts specifically for the soils and climate of our home town. It includes sections on garden design, tools, soil assessment, composting, a planting calendar for Nelson and how to make a worm farm.

Download your copy now and get composting – and don’t forget you can get a $20 Council subsidy on compost bins, worm farms and bokashi systems through our compost subsidy scheme. Check out for more info.

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