Nelson City Council's composting workshops blooming success

29/07/2021 11:18am

Beginner’s composting workshops have been blooming as Nelson’s budding home composters dig into making their own...

Nelson’s Kitchen Waste Collection trial gets underway

09/02/2021 3:27am

Did you know food waste that decomposes in landfill produces methane, a greenhouse gas which contributes...

Being productive at home during COVID-19 shutdown

08/04/2020 2:31am

Digging in at home can turn an event like the COVID-19 shutdown into a productive experience...

Composting – not just a pretty bin…

21/05/2019 4:58am

Did you get yourself a compost bin using Council’s Kickstart compost voucher? If not, you’ve still...

Less waste more food!

03/12/2018 5:00am

One of the great ways you can reduce your rubbish footprint is by composting your kitchen...