It’s the mucky end of dog ownership, but cleaning up after your pooch when it needs to go is part of being a responsible dog owner.

We’ve been getting a lot of reports of dog poo in our reserves, including popular walking tracks such as Centre of New Zealand, Botanics and Codgers, and sometimes even dog poo on the areas where our children play weekend sport. Slide tackles and dog poo don’t mix well! 

Please keep your dog off playing areas of sports grounds and remember that dog walkers are required by law to carry a dog poo bag when in a public place, and to immediately remove the poo. Breaching these requirements can result in a $300 fine and with the each of Nelson’s 6000 registered dogs producing about 125kg of waste a year…failure to pick up the poo can quickly become a big problem for our entire community.

We ask that dog owners consider all users of Nelson’s parks and reserve and act responsibly so everyone, two legs or four, can enjoy their time outdoors.