Second Hand Sunday a chance to declutter in Nelson/Tasman after lockdown

06/07/2020 3:17am

Did you have a big clean out during lockdown? If so, this is your chance to let others get some use out of your unwanted items.

If you have pre-loved goods you want to get rid of, mark Sunday 26 July in your calendar and register on Council’s website to make sure you get on the list of addresses on the day. 

For those of you wanting to fossick – the address list of participants will be published at midday on Friday 24 July on our website or you can pick a copy up from our Customer Service Centre. Please respect the 10am start time.

Remember that items should be put out on your property and not on the footpath, and if anything is left, it should be brought back in at the end of the day.  Make sure you don’t include anything that could be a hazard such as faulty electrical equipment or chemicals.

To find out more about Second Hand Sunday, go to: