Nelson Arts Festival would like to thank the tens of thousands of people who were part of this year’s 25th anniversary festival.

That’s the artists, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, writers, commentators, ticket-sellers, projectionists, backstage crews, drivers, hospitality staff, and everyone else who worked so hard to make the Festival happen. 

And then there’s all of you – the Mask Paraders, theatre audiences, concert-goers, talks-attendees, exhibition-admirers, event-supporters, Dolly-wannabes, and absolutely everyone who came to see Pic’s Piki Mai.

The Festival makes a huge contribution to the life of our city. 

The Festival not only thrives on its community events that welcome so many people to take part, but it also opens a little window on the world, so that Nelsonians can see theatre, dance, music and more from around New Zealand and the world. Best of all, even though it’s all over for another year, there are a million new memories created.

And for something to think about – the theme for the 2020 Mask Parade is “What if...? What if we had 20/20 vision into the future, where rainbows were rockets, trees could walk, and humans had wings." Let your imaginations go wild with that tantalising question – What if?

See you in 2020! Keep an eye out for future updates go to the Nelson Arts Festival website.