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Raising Residents: a local architect’s thoughts on Nelson’s future

21/09/2021 1:14am

If you ask Pierre Hammond, architect at Arthouse Architects and key contributor to Te Ara ō...

‘Something for everybody, created by everybody’: get involved in our City’s future

16/09/2021 11:50am

The decisions we make now will shape our city for the decades to come, so it’s...

NEW NCC CBD Hardy Street Media Release

Te Ara ō Whakatū halftime report — answering your most common questions

14/09/2021 9:15am

Now halfway through the submission process, Nelson City Council would like to thank everyone who has...

Have your say: Nelson City Council seeking public feedback

08/09/2021 3:38am

Nelson City Council wants to hear feedback from the public on a number of projects.

Te Ara ō Whakatū: Take part in our city centre’s future

26/08/2021 3:30pm

What do you get if you add 81 meetings with 275 attendees, 200 hours of discussion,...

NCC SPKO Bridge Str View 2 Media Release

Turning a vision into reality: making intensification happen

26/08/2021 3:26pm

Proposals that have the potential to transform life in Nelson’s city centre – creating homes, bringing...

Te Ara ō Whakatū— the designers who contributed unveiled

25/08/2021 4:27pm

What will Nelson look like in 30 years? 50 years? 100 years?

Mix then match: Engaging with the City Centre Spatial Plan

01/07/2021 10:31am

Nelson City Council’s City Centre Development Lead Alan Gray has already hosted 65 engagement meetings over...