Nelson City Councillors Rohan O’Neill-Stevens and Brian McGurk will join Mayor Reese and Deputy Mayor Edgar alongside Nelson City Council managers Andrew White and Alec Louverdis as members of the newly-established Governance Reference Group (GRG) that will provide feedback on issues and opportunities relating to the new library project.

The GRG will also be joined by an Iwi representative.

Mayor Reese said solidifying the GRG was an important step to provide confidence in the project management of the library project.

“This project involves a complex set of discussions around land and resources with a number of affected parties with different governance and decision-making structures.

“Having a project management and governance structure in place to guide decision-making will ensure the high expectation that Council and the community have for this library are met.”

Besides reviewing information relevant to the project, the GRG will participate in community engagement processes and provide an interface and sounding board between full Council and officers to support the presentation of information to Council.