Two legs or four – if you are out exercising with your family then all members need to stay in your bubble.

While dogs are very unlikely to contract COVID-19, they can carry it about with them on their fur if someone infected touches them.

You can help keep your family safe and be kind and considerate to others out there by keeping your dog close or on a lead when out walking.

Likewise, bringing your own doggy doo bag from home eliminates the need for touching the bag dispenser and further reduces the risk of transmitting the virus.

We all need to work together if we want to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Scoop the Poop

If your dog is getting extra walkies while you are at home, don’t forget to scoop the poop. 

An average dog will produce about 125kg of waste a year and a single gram of pet waste, the size of a pea, contains 23 million faecal coliform bacteria. 

Bacteria from dog faeces are washed into stormwater drains and go into our rivers and streams river during rain or flood events. So do us all a favour and scoop the poop – our rivers will thank you.