A former Curator of Broadgreen Historic House, Margaret Paul, has died.

As Curator from 1978-2014, Margaret led the preservation and cataloguing of the historic collection and developed the heritage tourism service at Broadgreen. She also spent five years as a volunteer prior to that.

The Chair of Broadgreen Society, Mary Gavin, remembers Margaret and her incredible influence on the development of Broadgreen Historic House.

“As the Curator of Broadgreen Historic House Margaret had an unswerving commitment to preserving and communicating the unique history surrounding the House, its families and its artefacts,” says Mary. 

“Margaret also had a strong sense of responsibility and accountability towards the donors of the Victorian and Edwardian textiles and artefacts which furnish the House and she was meticulous about researching and displaying them in an authentic setting. This is reflected in the attractive and accessible way that Broadgreen House is presented to the public today.”

“Over forty years, Margaret trained more than 200 volunteer guides and empowered them to provide a well-informed heritage tourism service. Her legacy is that many of these guides continued to volunteer at Broadgreen Historic House for significant periods, some for over 20 years, thus carrying on her commitment to honouring our local heritage.”  

Broadgreen Historic House in Nayland Rd, Stoke, is a Victorian era home built in 1855. It was bought by the Nelson City Council in 1965.